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If you want to achieve the best layout for your Bathroom, Kitchen or Laundry, working with a professional unbiased designer is a must.

At Lucy J Design we offer a dedicated design service, where you are able to purchase detailed plans and specifications for your proposed new Bathroom, Kitchen or Laundry.  With these detailed plans and specs you are now in a position to shop them around yourself or hand them on to your builder or cabinetmaker directly.

Our 3D Design service consists of 2 separate consultations with Lucy.

We will need to allocate approximately 1-2 hours for our first meeting together depending on which room is being designed. 

Together we will discuss many things including; but not limited to some of the following:  

How you would like your new room to perform?
What looks you would like to incorporate in the new room/s?
What budget you have allocated to this project? 
How many people/chefs will use your new room?
What appliances or fittings will you need?
What gadgets have you been dreaming of?
What style is going to suit your home?
What finishes will suit your lifestyle?
What is your “Wish List” and the even more important “Must Haves

A professional designer is essential, as they will be able to translate the answers to all of your questions into a functional space that will suit you and your family.

Once everything is drawn up, we are now ready for our second meeting together.  Typically this will be approximately 5-10 days later depending on the project.  We will need to allocate another 1-2 hours for this second meeting.  

At this point the design will be on screen and we will walk through it step by step.  Minor changes can be made to the layout at this stage, such as putting glass fronts on some cabinetry or incorporating a seating area on an island.  We will discuss your final selections in style, finishes and colour at this stage also.

Nowadays, there is such a huge choice in materials and finishes, the inexperienced person will get lost when trying to work through them all. The importance of having someone who is both neutral and professional to help you on your journey should not be overlooked.

Following our second meeting, your new plans will be finalised and prepared including any minor changes discussed at our previous meeting. 

If detailed specifications have been purchased, these too are finalised and prepared for you at this stage.  

Whether you are building or renovating you have now completed the most important step towards your dream kitchen, bathroom or laundry becoming a reality – ” The Design”

A professional design is real value for money. It will save you costly mistakes, will enable comparable quotations and ensures a room that really serves you.  Phone for an appointment today – you’ll enjoy the experience and I promise, you will love your new room!

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