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Custom Laundry

Custom Laundry


The Laundry is one of those rooms in the home whose purpose can vary hugely from family to family.  

In some cases the laundry is simply for washing and drying clothes. There is a washer, dryer and a cupboard with a trough and tap.  That’s it – no more than that is needed from the room.  

However….  The family next door may have 3 kids, who are all sports mad. Dad who doesn’t have a ‘man shed’ and mum who doesn’t want dirty smelly footy socks in bedrooms or bathrooms.  

Plus they are living in a home which was built before the age that women recommended to builders that family homes need large linen cupboards.  This family need to store all the family linen in the laundry too.  So in addition to the washer, dryer and trough.  We now need to incorporate some upper storage for cleaning products and detergents.  

They need a space for dirty clothes waiting to be washed. They need a cupboard for dad’s tool kit and other dad things. They need an extra area for sorting clothes to be washed and also space for folding of the clean clothes. They need space for the ironing board.  Even the vacuum cleaner, mops, brooms and buckets have to go somewhere in there too. Not to mention the linen itself.  Yikes !! 

Well, as you can easily see the laundry room is very important to this particular family and it needs to be designed and built to suit all their needs.  It also needs to be a decent size and will be a much more expensive room than the first room we described.  

In room one it would be fine to buy a ready built trough cupboard.  However, the latter needs specific cabinetry to cater to their particular needs.   It would not be wise to buy ready made units from a hardware store for this laundry.

It must be well built.. It must be
Custom Built !!  

This is the only guaranteed way that the cupboards will be robust enough to handle the demands of a busy family.

The ready made option unfortunately would not last and before long, they would be looking to renovate the entire laundry again.

If you have a laundry issue or your laundry room needs to work really hard, then a professional design which efficiently uses the available space, together with Custom Cabinets will transform the way you think about ‘doing laundry’.  

At Lucy J Design we are experienced in laundry renovations and are ready to convert your troublesome Perth Laundry room into one that will be a pleasure to use.

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