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Ultimate Storage Laundry

Ultimate Storage Laundry


Sometimes in life, there just isn’t enough space.

Storage is handy anywhere in the home but the Laundry room can be home to the most diverse of ‘stuff’.

The same laundry could be storing – dog food, medicine cabinet, freezer or fridge, pet cat or dog, ironing centre, spare light bulbs, linen, sewing machine, camping equipment, mum’s step ladder, dad’s tools, craft box, Xmas tree – and the list goes on…  and on… and on..

Luckily it all lives happily in the Lucy J 
Ultimate Storage Laundry.  This is of course over and above the mops, brooms, vacuum cleaner, buckets, cleaning products, etc etc.  

If the space is tight then it is necessary to take cupboard storage all the way up to the cornice line, with the least used items at the top.  

Cupboards and drawers need to be purpose built to efficiently use every square centimeter.  With the aid of a kit, the dryer can be stacked on top of the front load washing machine.  

If you need to “de-clutter” and create enviable storage space, then please call us to discuss your new 
Ultimate Storage Laundry.  Call today!

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