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About Us

Welcome to Lucy J Design

Thank you for visiting our website to find out how you can renovate your bathroom to become a stunning new feature in your home. We’ve renovated hundreds of bathrooms and many kitchens across Perth so please read on to see how we can add tens of thousands of dollars in value to your home. If you feel awful every time you go into these rooms because of the old tiles, poor layout, old fixtures and appliances, or dated design, then it’s time to look at a professional renovation.

At Lucy L Design we strive to make the whole process of renovating your bathroom, kitchen or laundry exciting and rewarding. No doubt you have heard of renovation disasters which took forever to complete, constant arguments with trades people about the quality of their workmanship, and prices that could stop an elephant in its tracks. This won’t be the experience with Lucy J Design.

Lucy J Design is a family owned WA business run by Pat & Lucy Gauder specialising in the renovation of Bathrooms, Kitchens and Laundries.

Between us we have over 30 years experience.

Our objectives are:

  • – To provide beautiful bathrooms, kitchens and laundries to the general public.
  • – To provide professional design, building and co-ordination of all trades necessary to complete the project.
  • – To provide the highest level of service throughout the project using licensed tradespeople.
  • – To comply with all Australian standards and Housing Industry Association rules and regulations.
  • – To design and provide detailed plans and specifications where the client wants to handle their own project.