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Contemporary Kitchens

Contemporary Kitchens


The Contemporary design began making traction in the 1940’s although it did not become extremely popular until modern day.

The designs were mostly popular within the European nations such as Germany, Italy, and even Scandinavia. Now it is more widespread and you can find these types of kitchens all over the world.

This type of kitchen perfectly blends traditional and modern ideas to create a livable space that can be enjoyed by all. The modern fixtures and straight lines that come with the Contemporary style will create an end result that is desirable with the overall design.

Contemporary Kitchens are characterised by straight and geometric designs. They also tend to minimalist, which lends to the basic and clean appearance. At the same time, they are highly functional and incorporate surfaces that are streamlined. You will find that they include many horizontal lines.

One thing that they do not have, as opposed to other styles, are moldings and other kinds of ornamental features. In essence, they are modern and simple.

The finishes in a Contemporary Kitchens are often melamine, timber veneer, lacquer, stainless steel, marble or stone and perhaps glass. The most common colour of appliances in Contemporary Kitchens is stainless steel and white. Other materials that are commonly used in more recent times include concrete, chrome and frosted glass (in the cabinets).

Functionality is at the foreground of every great kitchen, when that’s right, it will compliment you and your lifestyle perfectly.

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