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Special Needs Kitchens

Special Needs Kitchens


When it’s Right… It will be Life Changing !!!

When planning a Special Needs Kitchen, we focus completely on what is going to work best for you.  Be it an age related issue or a physical challenge, we will work with you until we can determine the layout which will best produce a kitchen that will enhance and ease your daily life.

Commonly, cupboards are replaced by easy glide drawer banks and all counters and appliances are positioned at an appropriate height for your needs.  Discussion on the best style of tapware to use is a must and a drawer style dishwasher enables good access.

Induction style Cooktops are very useful as they are cool to the touch and will switch themselves off if something boils dry or if the hotplate has been left on once the saucepan has been removed.

A Lucy J Special Needs Kitchen doesn’t mean it can’t have style – Far from it !!   The finishes and facings can be whatever you wish or what is in keeping with the style of your home.  However, we do suggest easy care finishes – as life is meant for living not cleaning!

Functionality is important in every kitchen but in the Special Needs Kitchen it’s everything! 

A well designed Special Needs Kitchen enables elderly or physically challenged people to remain in their own home. The advantages are countless – we all love our homes and don’t want to leave them to move into care prematurely.

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