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Free Bathroom Design Consultation (Valued at $395)

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    FREE Bathroom Design Consultation with a Professional Designer

    Valued at $395 

    Please see your FREE inclusions below :

    Your “FREE Bathroom Renovation Quote” entitles you to have 2 separate meetings with one of our experienced consultants, usually up to a total of about 1 – 1.5 Hours.  Typically, this time will be split evenly, between our initial “In Home” visit of around 45 minutes and the remaining portion of time being allocated to our second meeting together.  

    You will receive a Full List of all work required to complete your Bathroom Renovation, including your “Total Labour Cost” of the project. 

    You also receive a Full List of the Bathroom products, you will require to complete your Bathroom Renovation.  This includes a price guide and is reflecting product choices, based on the budget range you provided in our initial meeting.

    Last but not least, you will be able to view your 3D Designed Bathroom on screen and receive your detailed, accurate “FREE Bathroom Renovation Quote”, which will be thoroughly explained to your satisfaction.

    “Being completely honest it will take approximately 5 hours to produce a fully customised and detailed, accurate quotation for you.”

    I truly believe this is the best value you can get!  The only reason Bathroom Renovation Quotes are not charged for in the Bathroom Renovation industry in Perth, is because there are hundreds; if not thousands, of individual plumbers, tilers etc, etc… in this industry.  Whom, online; appear to be Bathroom Renovation companies.  

    In the past few years, of our 30+ Year, Bathroom Renovation business, we have noticed that the web has become littered with many individuals pretending to be turnkey companies, who are able to undercut genuine, full service companies like ourselves.  They are quite possibly good at their own individual trade, but this does not make them a full service company with years of experience and hundreds of happy clients.

    “Fantastic, FREE Professional Time”……… That’s great value for you !!
    At our initial meeting and in order to provide you, with the best possible and most detailed, accurate quote we can deliver, it is necessary for us to gain a complete understanding of your current situation, the urgency of the work required and why you are choosing to renovate your bathroom in the first place.

    Very early in this process it is vital to talk budget – without knowing an overall budget bracket, it is not possible for us to give you the best possible bathroom, utalising as many “wish list items” as we can, while still remaining within your designated budget range (Usually rounded up to the nearest $5k is fine).

    “We know it can be a little uncomfortable for some, but it really is necessary, otherwise we don’t know what to recommend or advise you on”

    As we proceed with your initial brief, we will compile a list (with your help) of your renovation needs.  These are the items or situations that must be adhered to in your new bathroom.  “Absolute Necessities” 

    Along side your renovation “needs list”, will sit your renovation”wish list”.  This is the list designated to all of those special finishing touches to your new Bathroom you’ve fallen in love with.  You may have seen them on tv, magazines or even at your favourite hotel.  

    We will note down your “wish list” ideas, and adjust them accordingly, subject to space and budget restrictions as the quote progresses.  

    “Many people at the time of gathering quotes, may not be sure if these “wish list” items, will suit the room style. Fit within the space designated for the renovation, or even if the budget will permit them at all, once all of those critically important, no compromise items have been accounted for”.

    After your initial brief has been taken, we will move into the room itself.  It is at this stage where your room details and measurements will be documented, to ensure we have gathered all the information we need to present you with your detailed, accurate quotation.

    Once all of the relevant information has been sited and documented, we will head back to the office and get started on designing and costing your detailed accurate quotation.  A representative from Lucy J Design’s office will call you back usually within a few days and schedule a mutually agreeable time for our second meeting together where you will see your customised 3D Bathroom Design and will receive your quote presentation.

    This service is perfect for people who already have a good knowledge of what is needed in the new Bathroom, and you are ready to proceed with an accurate quotation of “Labour Costs”.


    If you are thinking about having some structural work done relating to your bathroom renovation, for example removing a wall to gain more space or adding a doorway or window to let in more light.  

    If you’re planning on undertaking a multi-room renovation.  (A Lucy J Design Specialty

    You might want a couple of different layouts designed for your Bathroom.  

    Perhaps, you’ve just been “a little overwhelmed”, by all of the important choices and decisions out there, that you need to make during your renovation process.

    Or, maybe you’re just simply unsure of what you “might like” in your new bathroom, or much more importantly than that; what you “Actually Need“.  

    Then the Lucy J Design “Bathroom Ideas Session” is your best option.  Here you can relax and enjoy more time with our “Professional Industry Insiders”, who are full of great suggestions and ideas and will take the time to explore and explain the many various options that lay before you.


    Bathroom ‘Ideas’ Session

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      WHAT DO I GET?

      “Bathroom Ideas Session”   Valued at  —  $ 350

      Price  —  $ 50  

      This fee fully credited when you confirm you will be renovating your new bathroom with Lucy J Design !!
      Of course with the “Ideas Session”, you will receive all the entitlements of the standard “Free 45 minute quote“.

      Clients wishing to take advantage of our “Bathroom Ideas Session” are:

      • First time renovators or just unsure and starting out, in the renovation process.
      • Requiring an unbiased and professional opinion.
      • Needing guidance during the initial quoting stage, so you don’t waste your time and money.
      • Wanting to make structural changes to their Bathroom.
      • Will be renovating multiple rooms.
      • Unsure if the benefits of structural changes outweigh the costs.

      “Our clients, most preferred quote option.  Due to the extra level of Personal, Professional service, offered at a small and fully refundable fee, of only $50 if you choose to proceed with your renovation by Lucy J Design”  

      It has been our experience over the years, that most of our clients, don’t just want to take the “FREE 45min Consultation”.  As it only includes the basics of taking the a short customer’s brief, on-site measure, then the subsequent quote presentation.

      Clients who choose our “Free Bathroom Quote” will already have a sound understanding, of what requirements are needed in their new bathroom.  They have previously completed, the necessary work to narrow down their “wish list” and have already come close to determining a final renovation budget to ensure they get what they desire.  

      “People don’t usually feel comfortable, unless they have got a Professional Opinion from an expert in the field”

      At our “Bathroom Ideas Session” we can spend up to an Extra 1 hour and 15 minutes time at your home, letting us have a more relaxed, in-depth conversation about your layout or design, general ideas and products etc.  This means you have access to one of our professional consultants for up to 2 full hours on our initial visit.

      This option is often ideally suited to people who want to take a more relaxed, less time-critical quoting approach and great for clients thinking about having structural work done.  Equally as often, we find this service is perfect for those clients, who are “unsure” of their exact needs and wants, at the quoting stage.

      A Lucy J Design “Bathroom Ideas Session”, empowers you with all the knowledge and necessary expertise you need, to understand critical and relevant information relating to your Bathroom.  While having the confidence to cut away all the “unneeded extras”, which can become very daunting and easily clutters your mind and robs your time.

      Plans and Specs

      Bathroom Plans and Specs

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        WHAT DO I GET?

        Full Plans including Floor plans, Elevations & 3D Perspectives

        The Charge for this option is  –  $275  

        Specification & Quantities – $55

        This option is ideal for people whose main focus is the design and layout of the room, then want to progress to style, finishes and fittings and finally embark on the quoting process.

        They want to own Plans and Specifications showing all the detail which has been discussed and decided on.

        It’s important to them, that all the contractors are quoting on the exact same job.  Lucy J Design are happy to provide you with a quotation for the bathroom renovation as part of this service.

        You get an individual design with an expert in the field, not a plumber/tiler or pre-start consultant.  It is so re-assuring to be in the hands of an experienced person who can demystify the renovation process.

        Once you are in possession of your plans and specifications you are suddenly in charge of the renovation. Getting quotations becomes a breeze and everyone is quoting on the identical job,

        In order for us to be able to furnish you with plans and specifications we will need to meet with you on 2 separate occasions.

        Our initial meeting will have discussions revolving around the needs you have for the bathroom, how many people will use the bathroom, storage requirements. Style, materials, finishes and colour choices.

        Very early in this process it is vital to talk budget – without knowing an overall budget bracket it is not possible to give you the best Bathroom. We know it can be a little uncomfortable, but it really is necessary, otherwise we don’t know what to recommend or advise you on.

        Once the room is designed encompassing the ideas and decisions from the first meeting, perspectives will be emailed for your approval. Small changes can be made at this stage.

        In our second meeting – the bathroom is now on a screen and you are able to get a real feel for the layout – space & storage becomes obvious.  Your floor plan and elevations are presented to you along with our quotation for the work needed to produce your bathroom.

        Floor plan and elevations are important for contractors to work from and for you to be clear everything is where you want it in your new bathroom.

        3D perspectives are so helpful in understanding the feel of the room, space and function become clear to all, not everyone is adept at translating plans.

        Specifications and quantities are essential too when shopping for bathroom fixtures.

        In summary – you will receive a full dimension Floor plan and Elevations showing all fittings and fixtures we have discussed. Tile heights will also be noted.

        Our Quotation

        • Lucy J Design happily provide a quotation to build your new bathroom.
        • Individual Contractors will be able to follow the plans
        • Bathroom companies will be able to follow the plans
        • Cabinetmaker will be able to build cabinetry from these plans