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Special Needs Laundry

Special Needs Laundry


When planning a Special Needs Laundry the focus is on making it work at its very best for you.  

After learning what your needs and challenges are, we will set to work to design a laundry room that you will be able to use without struggle.  If you are using a front loading washing machine which is not at a comfortable height, we can raise it for you.  Same goes for the dryer.  

If space allows we can change your cupboards to drawers, which will give you easier access.  A
Special Needs Laundry can be just a stylish as you like, the finishes and colours can be what makes you smile!

While most laundry rooms of old can tend to be a little boring and confined, worse yet; they sometimes are not even functional for the individual themselves.  

We understand there are many individuals that need to have special design options in order to use their laundry effectively.

If you have special needs because of a handicap, whether it be physical or mental, even the smallest of tasks can be daunting. With the regular common or basic designs, it may even be impossible for you. We have developed some fantastic design ideas specifically for these individuals.

If you need room to get around in a wheelchair, we have a design for that.  If you need a design where you can reach both the washer and the dryer easily, we can create that too. You should never dread a basic household task simply because your current design is not functional for your specific needs.

We bring you beautiful and lasting designs that are also functional.  You can use them no matter what kinds of specifications and alterations you may need.  We can accommodate our designs to fit your needs and not the other way around.

You should be able to use your home just like anyone else and the laundry is no different.  We pride ourselves in creating beautiful and functional special needs laundries across Perth.  

If you are tired of not being able to use your laundry or being stuck with a terrible design that although may be functional but an eyesore, now is the time to make a change.

Contact us to get started and look at all of the designs we have to offer for your special needs laundry. It is time you made a change that works for you.

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