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Chef Kitchens

Chef Kitchens


Chef Kitchens are designed for the inner chef inside of us all.  Even if you are not a master chef, you can have a chef kitchen that is all your own.

With Chef Kitchens, the majority of the emphasis is placed on the amount of work surfaces and appliances.  Often more commercial grade appliances are chosen.  Other essential components include sturdy and durable facings for cupboards and drawers and more than likely, stone is selected for the counter tops.

A timber chopping block with a knife drawer or block would certainly be on the wish list if space allows.  If you are a serious cook, and love to entertain in your home, then the Chef Kitchen is for you.  Open shelves for crockery and all the utensils and platters have a perfectly suited place to call home in the Lucy J Chef Kitchen.

It’s all about the ‘Cooking’ experience..  Yes, it still has to look good but the emphasis is on function.  The serious Chef is often a ‘performer’ when he or she is on their stage.  Therefore the position of the hotplate is most important. The audience must have an uninterrupted view of the ‘star’ of the show.

We are very proud of the Chef Kitchens we have renovated in Perth and we hope that we can add you to our collection of happy clients very soon.

If you are interested in learning more or getting the process started for your new Lucy J Chef Kitchen, contact us today and we can develop a plan for your inner Chef.

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