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Traditional and Hampton Bathrooms

Traditional and Hampton Bathrooms



With Traditional and Hampton style bathrooms, the finishes are very specific to the overall style. These include the correct choices in tiles, cabinetry, fittings, tapware, lighting, and accessories.

People generally choose these styles if they love the softer look, or if their home is sympathetic to the style. Timber furniture sits happily in the Traditional style bathrooms.

These bathroom styles do not demand floor to ceiling height tiling. Some painted walls enhance the design and appropriate artwork can be incorporated to give a soothing, relaxing charm to the space.

A decorative mirror over the basin always works well. Both “Traditional” and “Hampton” styles bring back the charm of days gone by when bathrooms were pretty, warm and inviting.

This is not a style for everyone or every home, but it can be a great option if you really love the softer look or it suits your home’s style.

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