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Special Needs Bathroom

Special Needs Bathroom


For Seniors –

As we age, bathrooms can be dangerous places. With hard surfaces, that are slippery when wet and stepping up and over hobs or bathtubs can also be a bother. Therefore it’s imperative these Special Needs Bathrooms are designed and built correctly to make this frequently used room easy and comfortable for the user, and, most importantly to prevent the risk of falling.

A recent client had hip problems and needed a walk-in shower which we incorporated in the bathroom renovation along with some supporting grab rails. She was thrilled and felt so much more secure when using the shower. We also ensured the shower was large enough to accommodate a chair should it be needed in the future.

Grab rails, walk-in showers and non-slip floor tiles must be incorporated in the design.

Drawer storage in the vanity unit offers much more accessible room when compared to cupboards.

Tapware needs consideration too, as some are more comfortable or easier to use by hands which may not be as flexible or may have a degree of arthritis. Lever handles are often a favourite choice.

For Physically Challenged –

Custom built vanity units or wall hung basins enable the wheelchair user more comfort.

Floors are screeded to enable easy wheelchair access to the shower area – no need for a step or hob.

Usually a fixed shower screen is fitted or the shower can be simply part of the room without any screening. This is totally dependent on the needs of the client and the size of the room.

Tapware and the shower head can be positioned to suit, or a lift off shower can be fitted.

Toilets can be set up to enable a commode to be used.

There are occasions where the standard 50-80mm floor wastes are not sufficient, in this case a 100mm waste is used.

If you have Special Needs begin the journey to a more comfortable safer bathroom, call today.

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