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Kitchen 3D Design

This service is tailored to those who need to be in possession of full plans for their kitchen – be it for a new build or renovation. It may be that they wish to get a couple of quotations and need contractors to be quoting on the same job.


You may have been looking at some magazines or television shows regarding kitchens. You may have just bought a new home knowing the kitchen has to be renovated. Or ……. you just can’t cope with it any longer – it must be renovated now.

You know it needs to be done but don’t know where to start, you may have a feel for what you like or dislike, but don’t have much of an idea of what materials are suitable or which style will be best in your home. You may be finding it difficult to see past what’s there and not able to visualise what other possibilities there may be. How about the functionality – it’s got to work, and sometimes work really, really hard!! Can’t make a mistake – kitchens are too expensive to get it wrong.

You may be building a new home and don’t feel you have had enough “kitchen” input from the builder – after all he is focusing on the big picture – the whole of the new building. Most builders are happy for you to come to the table with your own kitchen plans for them to cost, a lot of builders also encourage you to use your own kitchen manufacturer.

You will meet with Lucy from Lucy J Design to discuss your particular kitchen requirements, Lucy will need to gain an understanding of what your needs are, what your tastes are, if it’s a new home, what style it will have.

Lucy from Lucy J Design is an expert in kitchens – all types of kitchens. In 25 years in the kitchen industry, there is not much that she hasn’t seen.

Very early in this process it is vital to talk budget – without knowing an overall budget bracket it is not possible to give you the best kitchen. We know it can be a little uncomfortable, but it really is necessary, otherwise Lucy’s hands are tied.

She can only recommend the appropriate finishes and materials if she is aware of your investment. There are many handy cupboard fittings but without knowing the budget she would be reluctant to suggest them. There may be a structural change which will enable a much better layout, but again without knowing your budget bracket she may not feel comfortable exploring that with you.

Lucy will discuss every aspect of your new kitchen. She will be able to fit that new kitchen right into your lifestyle.

Discussions on the best layout will revolve around how you use your kitchen, how many chefs are in there at the one time. Function is another very important aspect of the kitchen – it doesn’t matter how pretty it is, if it doesn’t function flawlessly, it is not as good as it should be. Appliances will be discussed, as will storage, the pros and cons of different work surfaces, cabinet finishes and of course style. The style of the kitchen allows you to express who you are – this may be very important to you or you may want to be guided by the style/era of the home itself. Either way, it’s critical to be completely happy with your choice. Lighting is another essential ingredient of this kitchen of yours, it has practical as well as aesthetic benefits.

All these important elements are talked about, weighed up and decided on during the course of the meetings. Lucy will then come up with the best layout, featuring the style and finishes you and she have discussed along the way and those which will fit into your budget.

At the second meeting your new kitchen will be on screen, where you can explore and dissect each section, making sure it is the best fit for you and your family. All aspects of the kitchen will be gone through with you during this meeting. You will be given a preliminary set of plans to study over a few days. Any minor changes will be made to the plans as needed.

Once you have settled on the plans – a final set will be detailed and printed for you. You will receive a floor plan, elevations and 3D perspectives. Any changes once the final plans are printed will be charged at $55 per hour.

You may or may not need to have specifications. If you are handing out plans for quoting – it is important to have them. If however, your friend/brother who is a cabinet maker is building your kitchen, then you may not need the specifications. Though it is always best to have as much on paper as possible, especially when you are talking about a big ticket item like a new kitchen.

Whether you are building or renovating Lucy J Design are happy to give you a quotation for the cabinetry and Stone tops. If you are renovating we are happy to quote the trade requirements as well.

If you are building – the trades will be handled by the builder.

Your quotation will be presented at the second meeting. It will show the costs for cabinetry, stone benchtops, trade work necessary to complete your kitchen and our management costs for the project.

Trade Management – at Lucy J Design we pride ourselves on having an amazing team of trades people who are highly skilled, committed to producing a flawless job for our customers. We schedule all the trades people so the project runs smoothly, with as little down time as possible. We focus on getting you the very best kitchen possible, in the most efficient time frame.