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Bathroom 3D Design

Plans including Floor plans, Elevations & 3D Perspectives $275

Specification & Quantities $55

This option is ideal for people whose main focus is the design and layout of the room, then want to progress to style, finishes and fittings and finally embark on the quoting process.

They want to own Plans and Specifications showing all the detail which has been discussed and decided on.

It’s important to them that all the contractors are quoting on the same job. Lucy j Design are happy to provide you with a quotation for the bathroom renovation as part of our service.

Individual design with an expert in the field, not a plumber/tiler or pre-start consultant. It is so re-assuring to be in the hands of an experienced person who can demystify the renovation process. Once you are in possession of your plans and specifications you are suddenly in charge of the renovation. Getting quotations becomes a breeze and everyone is quoting on the identical job,

In order for us to be able to furnish you with plans and specifications we will need to meet with you on 2 occasions.

Initial meeting will have discussions revolving around the needs you have for the room, how many people will use the room, storage requirements. Style, materials, finishes, colour.

Very early in this process it is vital to talk budget – without knowing an overall budget bracket it is not possible to give you the best Bathroom. We know it can be a little uncomfortable, but it really is necessary, otherwise we don’t know what to recommend or advise you on.

Once the room is designed encompassing the ideas and decisions from the first meeting, perspectives will be emailed for your approval. Small changes can be made at this stage.

The second meeting – the bathroom is now on a screen and you are able to get a real feel for the layout – space & storage becomes obvious. Your floor plan and elevations are presented to you along with our quotation for the work needed to produce your bathroom.

Floor plan and elevations are important for contractors to work to, for you to be clear everything is where you want it in your new room.

3D perspectives are so helpful in understanding the feel of the room, space and function become clear to all, not everyone is adept at translating plans.

Specifications and quantities are essential when shopping for bathroom fixtures.

In summary – you will receive dimensioned Floor plan and Elevations showing all fittings and fixtures we have discussed. Tile heights will noted.

3D perspectives are invaluable for many people.

Our Quotation

  • Lucy J Design happily provide a quotation to build your new bathroom.
  • Individual Contractors will be able to follow the plans
  • Bathroom companies will be able to follow the plans
  • Cabinetmaker will be able to build cabinetry from these plans