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    Ensuite Bathrooms

    In most cases, the Ensuite needs to cater for the needs of two people. If space is not a problem then it can accommodate twin showers, double basins in the vanity unit, mirrored upper cabinets, back to wall toilet and even a bath tub or spa for a little extra luxury. This is Your private retreat after all.
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    Small Bathrooms

    It doesn’t have to be big to be bold… It’s all about getting the most out of the space you have. In a Small Bathroom a smart choice is to position the shower over the bathtub which in most cases will give you more usable space for a larger vanity unit with greater storage capacity.
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    Special Needs Bathrooms

    As we age, bathrooms can be dangerous places. With hard surfaces, that are slippery when wet and stepping up and over hobs or bathtubs can also be a bother. Therefore it’s imperative these Special Needs Bathrooms are designed and built correctly to make this frequently used room easy and comfortable for the user, and, most importantly to prevent the risk of falling.
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    White Bathrooms

    Of all Bathroom colour schemes the predominantly White Bathroom will show its age the least. Maintaining its ageless look year after year – White is always in ‘Bathroom Fashion’.
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    Modern Bathrooms

    Contemporary and Modern bathrooms fit so beautifully into our busy lives. They demand sleek crisp lines with minimal detail. Often Cabinetry which is devoid of detail. Perhaps it is white but could easily also be timber, or a combination of the two.
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    Luxury/Resort Bathrooms

    If you want the feeling of being on holiday everyday then a Lucy J Design Luxury bathroom is for you. The focus is on pampering. Total Relaxation in luxurious surroundings.
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    Powder Room

    The Powder Room is typically separate to any bathroom or laundry. It normally comprises of a toilet, hand washing basin or small vanity & mirror. Hand towel rail and also usually an exhaust fan.

    Bathroom Ideas

    Sometimes it can be difficult to get started on your bathroom renovation, especially if you’re a first time renovator and have not renovated before. It’s helpful to flick through magazines or Pinterest and alike, or better yet take a look right here on our website. It is greatly beneficial to gather lots of information and ideas.
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    Traditional and Hampton

    With Traditional and Hampton style bathrooms, the finishes are very specific to the overall style. These include the correct choices in tiles, cabinetry, fittings, tapware, lighting, and accessories.
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    Bathroom FAQ

    Here we answer your most common questions about bathroom renovations.
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