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Custom Laundry

The Laundry is one of those rooms in the home whose purpose can vary hugely from family to family. In some cases the laundry is simply for washing and drying clothes. There is a washer, dryer and a cupboard with a trough and tap. That’s it – no more than that is needed from the room.
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Contemporary Kitchens

The Contemporary design began making traction in the 1940’s although it did not become extremely popular until modern day. The designs were mostly popular within the European nations such as Germany, Italy, and even Scandinavia. Now it is more widespread and you can find these types of kitchens all over the world.
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Special Needs Laundry

When planning a Special Needs Laundry the focus is on making it work at its very best for you. After learning what your needs and challenges are, we will set to work to design a laundry room that you will be able to use without struggle. If you are using a front loading washing machine which is not at a comfortable height, we can raise it for you. Same goes for the dryer.
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Modern Kitchens

Within the definition of contemporary kitchens is the Modern Kitchen. It is a kitchen that matches the modern world we live in. You will find that it is equipped with many new appliances, often multiple ovens are incorporated, typically with a stainless steel finish.
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Multi Purpose Laundry

The humble Laundry room can be so much more… If there is space of course. More often than not, it is the same place that we end up storing laundry baskets of clothes waiting to be washed, as well as where you wash and dry clothes, never forgetting you might also need space to fold those clean clothes.
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Country Kitchen

The Country Kitchen is always warm and welcoming, inviting to work in and just as inviting to sit and chat in. There are many different design elements that can be incorporate into your Country Kitchen. You can decide on light or dark cabinetry, timber or painted, you may like to include some bright colours, decorative shelving or molding.
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Custom Bathrooms

Custom bathrooms are exactly what they sound like; Custom built bathrooms to suit your needs. We take the time to specifically design the bathroom that you not only want, but need in your life. We incorporate plenty of storage, if that is something that is very important to you but if you are not very concerned with it, we will add more design features.
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Ultimate Storage Laundry

Sometimes in life, there just isn’t enough space. Storage is handy anywhere in the home but the Laundry room can be home to the most diverse of ‘stuff’.
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Laundry Ideas

In most households, if something doesn’t have a place, it invariably ends up in the laundry. In a family home, the Laundry is often a busy area and if you like to see it neat and tidy there must be a place for everything. Maximizing the storage space for all sorts of family bits and pieces is really beneficial.
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Custom Kitchens

All of our kitchens are custom built. They are not purchased from hardware stores or imported from China or anywhere else. They are designed and manufactured right here in Perth and installed by experts. You will also be doing your bit for creating jobs for Perth Trades people and supporting the local community
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